by Wayne Pendragon Owens

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22nd March 2024

TYoaBM – Y Mochyn Du

This evening was the time for Wrexhamian Lodges Past Master night, and we were doing a Second degree ceremony. It was also our annual Welsh night, so there were loads of visitors down.

So we started the evening by replacing the Past Masters who were in office with Past Masters to enable us to do a Past Masters night, (It made no sense to the visitors either).

The ceremony went ok and the candidate seemed to enjoy himself which is all that matters.

We did have one eyebrow moment on PAST MASTERS night, The DC had not checked with the Past Master who was standing in as Junior Warden that he was ok to do the South East corner, and since it is never done by the JW, he was not ready. So instead of asking a Past Master to do it, the DC called upon a MM to step up.  I voted we should then make the MM a PM so he can join the PM Lodge.

Then it was down to the festive board to do the ceremony of Y Mochyn Du. Only this year they were going to skip all the Welsh bits to save time, do the Red Pig as the person who organised the event did not know the Welsh word of Black.

I did not attend the festive board, due to them charging well over the price we get charged, for poor quality food, and overpriced poor choice beer. And if I am honest, I did not want to see how badly they did the Historical Black Pig.


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Freemasonry (Craft)

One of the oldest social and charitable organisations in the world, Freemasonry's roots lie in the traditions of the medieval stonemasons who built our cathedrals and castles.

It is here that a number of the famous elements of Freemasonry find their roots. In the medieval era, stonemasons often travelled around to find work in different locations. To demonstrate their level of qualification, they would use grips, words and signs in order to distinguish themselves from unqualified builders.

Freemasonry uses building analogies to teach members how to lead productive lives that benefit the communities that they live in. In the medieval era, stonemasons wore aprons and gloves to protect themselves while working on shaping rough pieces of stone, but in today’s society Freemasons meet to build friendships and communities rather than cathedrals and castles.