by Wayne Pendragon Owens

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19th March 2024

TYoaBM – Send up the Black Smoke, Committee to pick the next Sovereign

This evening Was an emergency Committee meeting for Valle Crucis Rose Croix.

Our next meeting (in April) is our Enthronement meeting, where we place a new person into the chair. Normally this is a simple procedure, and we even have the new guy elected and ready to go.

ONLY: – (The best laid plans of mice and men…)

Last year our Recorder (secretary) passed away, so we have been running for a year with the treasurer filling in, and we now have someone to take over the role, but its all a bit more complicated than normal.

Then the other week we heard that our Sovereign Elect, had been involved in a bike accident. See push-bikes should be banned, they are dangerous!. Unfortunately due to his injuries, he could not make the enthronement meeting. 

So we needed to try and organise what we were going to do, and if the current  Sovereign stays in place, then do we move the ladder up or not. So the meeting was called for the WORST day ever!

  • Our current Sovereign who would chair the meeting. Well it was his birthday so could not make it.
  • Our Treasurer who is the most senior member, in rank and length of membership, is away on holiday.
  • Several members had a Lodge meeting tonight so could not attend.

But luckily we had the DC, ADC, Prelate, Herald, and new Recorder down so we kind of got everything sorted, and in record time.

So three of us retreated to the pub to have a few drinks with our next prospective candidate.

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The Ancient and Accepted Rite (Rose Croix)

The Ancient and Accepted Rite originated in France in 1754 and worked in the USA where a Supreme Council was formed in 1801.

The Supreme Council for England and Wales was established in 1845 under a patent from the Supreme Council of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States of America. The Rite consists of its own 33 Degrees entirely separate and distinct from any other Order.

The three Craft Degrees are accepted as equivalent to the first 3 Degrees of this Rite. Candidates for Perfection are taken from the 4º to 17º Degrees by name only, prior to being made Excellent and Perfect Princes Rose Croix in a detailed and beautiful 18º Degree ceremony. This is the only degree permitted to be worked in a private Rose Croix Chapter. Degrees above the 18º are awarded on merit after a brother has passed the Chair of his Chapter.

For more information on the Order of The Ancient and Accepted Rite, please click on the link to the Supreme Council website.