by Wayne Pendragon Owens

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8th April 2024

TYoaBM – The Travelling Gavel

This evening 11 members of Wrexhamian Chapter went to visit Connah’s Quay Lodge to try and claim the North Wales Travelling Gavel. I was also there representing the Stewards Lodge, since the rules state any challenge on the Gavel must be witnessed by a member of the Stewards Lodge in red regalia.

On any other occasion it would have been an easy victory, but when we got there we discovered that St Melyd’s Lodge had come with a team of 11, and St Asaph with a team of 8.  This led to some fun banter and insulting, and my attempt to stand at the door to the building directing all other visitors to a different hall failed. So the challenge was on.

It was a very close call, the poor Secretary of Connah’s Quay Lodge had a lot of hassle trying to work out which Lodge had won the challenge, he even had to resort to conferring with the Secretary of the Stewards Lodge (We control the whole Gavel rules).

In the end we lost out to St Melyd’s Lodge, since they had traveled a bit further than us. So we now have to go and claim it off them.


  • On a positive note, I won a raffle prize. It is a bottle of some weird drink with 23-carrot gold flakes in it.
  • On a negative note, I had to miss the Wynnstay Chapter meeting this evening.

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Freemasonry (Craft)

One of the oldest social and charitable organisations in the world, Freemasonry's roots lie in the traditions of the medieval stonemasons who built our cathedrals and castles.

It is here that a number of the famous elements of Freemasonry find their roots. In the medieval era, stonemasons often travelled around to find work in different locations. To demonstrate their level of qualification, they would use grips, words and signs in order to distinguish themselves from unqualified builders.

Freemasonry uses building analogies to teach members how to lead productive lives that benefit the communities that they live in. In the medieval era, stonemasons wore aprons and gloves to protect themselves while working on shaping rough pieces of stone, but in today’s society Freemasons meet to build friendships and communities rather than cathedrals and castles.