Wayne was born at a very early age and has not died yet, which is something he considers to be a bit of an achievement.

He joined Freemasonry in 2006, went into the chair for the first time in 2011, and started giving talks across several Provinces in early 2017, before joining NWAMS as a speaker in 2021.

He Is an accidentally established Masonic author and has had articles published in several Masonic and non-Masonic periodicals.

by Wayne Pendragon Owens

I am an Author, Freemason, Rosicrucian, Blood Biker, Widows Son, CodeNinja, Spod, Hacker, Son, Uncle, Brother, Man, AN INDIVIDUAL!

7th September 2011

USA – Secret Summit

I recently had a mini holiday in Pwllheli, I’d gone to visit some old friends who were holidaying there at the time (*EDIT: Oddly all the friends there can probably be found in The Pleasuredome rest home for the mentally unstable.) This Mini-Holiday led to several thoughts, events, Stories that will make it onto this Blog. This one is titled :-

“USA – Secret Summit”

I took a rather random and scenic route from my part of North Wales, to Pwllheli, for several reasons like :-

  1. Diversions/Road Closures
  2. A SatNav that refuse to talk to any Satellites
  3. The Avoidance of a road where I had a really nasty crash the last time I drove to Pwllheli to meet a Dome Spod.
  4. & The fact I was not really paying that much attention to where I was going since I knew the basic route.

So there I was happily driving along a small mountain road with little or no traffic when I noticed a large hall in the trees that was oddly flying several American flags. “That’s Odd” I thought. And I decided it was a lot odder when I got closer to the building to find a large car-park full of large cars, all sporting those American bonnet flags you see on embassy/presidential cars.

So what I would like to know from the American readers is. What secret official summit were you guys having in a hall hidden away up in the Welsh mountains?