by Wayne Pendragon Owens

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30th August 2023

TYoaBM – Introduction

The Masonic year tends to run from September until June, with July and August being our summer break. There are of course exceptions to every rule, and we do have the occasional summer meeting, but the majority runs from September-June.

This coming year is looking like it could be a very busy year for me, especially since I have had several events already and the year has not officially started yet. So far this month I have had committee meetings for The Maesgwyn Lodge of Installed Masters, Wrexhamian Chapter, and Wrexhamian Lodge, as well as rehearsals for Wrexhamian Chapter.

I have therefore decided to blog a record of all my meetings this year, to give people an idea of what a busy Masonic year is like. I should point out that, this will be as I have already stated a busy year for me, and the average commitment to Freemasonry is a lot less than what I will be recording. I just imagined it may be of interest to some people. There are a lot of Freemasons who without visiting just have around eight meetings, and eight rehearsals a year.

So come along with me on a journey.


Update Count:- Attended/Total
00/00 – Meetings
02/02 – Rehearsals
03/03 – Committee

Masonic Halls – 1