by Wayne Pendragon Owens

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10th May 2024

TYoaBM – High Council

This weekend is the S.R.I.A. High council meeting in Leamington Spa.

And it was a good news, bad news situation!


I had to work today, and I have a Chapter meeting this evening that I have to attend since I am filling in a H for them. And since no one has invented teleporters yet (Come on scientists) I was unable to attend.


They streamed the meeting on Zoom, so I was able to attend, and hear the papers. The only thing I missed was the ceremony they did, since that was off camera in case anyone of a lower grade watched.

Update Count:- Attended/Total
23/26 – Meetings
09/09 – Visits
18/22 – Rehearsals
10/12 – Committee
05/05 – AGM’s
01/01 – Social

Masonic Halls – 13

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