by Wayne Pendragon Owens

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15th May 2024

TYoaBM – A Double Triple Ceremony

This evening was the meeting of Bishop Wilkins College.

The evening started with a very polite fight with a Rose Croix Chapter that meets in the same hall. It turns out we both use the same 3 black pedestals. They used to have our college name on them, but now have the Rose Croix Chapters name. So there was a lot of confusion, but we won in the end. Never mess with the order that studies Alchemy.

The meeting itself went well. The Chief Adept stood in as the Celebrant, and opened before handing the chair over to me to do the Celebrants work for the Theoricus Grade for three candidiasis. He then re-took the chair to work a Zelator Grade for three candidates. Hence a Double-Triple.

Everything went well, and all six candidates enjoyed themselves.

The festive board was also a lot of fun, with loads of good food and conversations. Another great meeting to end the Masonic year for Bishop Wilkins.

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