Wayne was born at a very early age and has not died yet, which is something he considers to be a bit of an achievement.

He joined Freemasonry in 2006, went into the chair for the first time in 2011, and started giving talks across several Provinces in early 2017, before joining NWAMS as a speaker in 2021.

He Is an accidentally established Masonic author and has had articles published in several Masonic and non-Masonic periodicals.

by Wayne Pendragon Owens

I am an Author, Freemason, Rosicrucian, Blood Biker, Widows Son, CodeNinja, Spod, Hacker, Son, Uncle, Brother, Man, AN INDIVIDUAL!

23rd February 2023

Talk: Bromfield Lodge – Blood Bikes – It’s What We Do

This evening Nev, Hugh, and myself went along to Bromfield Lodge No 4233 to give a talk on Blood Bikes Wales, and what they do.

The talk went down very well with the Brethren present, who asked interesting questions both up in the lodge room, and down in the meal afterwards.

It was an enjoyable evening, and the Lodge presented us with a very generous donation of £500

Blood Bikes Wales

Blood Bikes Wales is a charity that transports blood, plasma, platelets, samples, vaccines, donor breast-milk & any other urgently required medical items to hospitals at night, weekends and bank holidays. This service is provided completely free of charge, allowing the NHS to divert funds where they are needed most.

Our riders are a hardy bunch that operate in all but the very worst weather.