Wayne was born at a very early age and has not died yet, which is something he considers to be a bit of an achievement.

He joined Freemasonry in 2006, went into the chair for the first time in 2011, and started giving talks across several Provinces in early 2017, before joining NWAMS as a speaker in 2021.

He Is an accidentally established Masonic author and has had articles published in several Masonic and non-Masonic periodicals.

by Wayne Pendragon Owens

I am an Author, Freemason, Rosicrucian, Blood Biker, Widows Son, CodeNinja, Spod, Hacker, Son, Uncle, Brother, Man, AN INDIVIDUAL!

11th January 2023

Talk: Berwyn Lodge – The True Masonic Church

This evening I went along to Berwyn Lodge to give a talk under the banner of the North Wales Association of Masonic Study!

This was the first time I had given this talk, which was “The True Masonic Church

The talk was about how while everyone has heard of Rosslyn Chapel as the ultimate Masonic building, it is in fact not Masonic at all. But there is an actual Church that was built by a Freemason, for Freemasons, and full of Masonic symbolism. 

Talk: The True Masonic Church
Location: Berwyn Lodge
Date: 11/01/2023