Wayne was born at a very early age and has not died yet, which is something he considers to be a bit of an achievement.

He joined Freemasonry in 2006, went into the chair for the first time in 2011, and started giving talks across several Provinces in early 2017, before joining NWAMS as a speaker in 2021.

He Is an accidentally established Masonic author and has had articles published in several Masonic and non-Masonic periodicals.

by Wayne Pendragon Owens

I am an Author, Freemason, Rosicrucian, Blood Biker, Widows Son, CodeNinja, Spod, Hacker, Son, Uncle, Brother, Man, AN INDIVIDUAL!

27th July 2006

MEME: Questions

1. Elaborate on your default icon.
Which one is my default Icon? Can’t remember, Hang on one second I’ll go check….
Ah its that one… I generally use a dragon based name/logo and that is just one of the
Dragon logo’s I use, I believe its the one I use for Dragon Code.

2. What’s your current relationship status?
Sadly Single. Due to never being able to find an intelligent, beautiful woman with a great
personality (Curse my look of living in the Wrexham area.)

3. Ever have a near-death experience?
Err, not that I am aware of, I have had my past flash before my eyes as I was in a serious
car crash, but all I remember of that is realizing I was in a smashed up car, and saying
“weeee Can I do that again!!!”

4. Name an obvious quality you have.
Brilliant Mind. That I never really make use of.
EDIT:: I have just been informed my best feature is my Sarcasm

5. What’s the name of the song that’s stuck in your head right now.
Witchcraft by Wonderwall. due to it being played 4 times this morning.

6. Name a celebrity you would marry:
Errr. Sheesh.. I not know…

  • Kate Beckinsdale
  • Jewel Staite
  • Claudia Black
  • Lexa Doig
  • Eliza Dushku

7. Who will cut and paste this first?
No one because only one likely to do it is and he has already done it.

8. Has anyone ever said you look like a celebrity?
I am a celebrity, and people have been told they look like me, does that count?
Err, I was told I look like Michael Jackson, Which I took as an Insult!
And I was told I look like a character from a book, and the drawings of him on the cover.
EDIT:: I was also told I looked like a young Stephen King, and Wiz from the wizbiz books

9. Do you wear a watch? What kind?
Occasionally a pocket watch, silver on a chain…

10. Do you have anything pierced?

11. Do you have any tattoos?
No. Still not found the right dragon drawing…

12. Do you like pain?
Apart from sadomasochists does anyone actually like pain?

13. Do you like to shop?
Yes, but online, or out of normal hours, I hate crowds, and queuing! But like getting new stuff.

14. What was the last thing you paid for with cash?
A can of coke I just drank.

15. What was the last thing you paid for with your credit card?

16. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
Tim the Director about a script for poaching domain names.

17. What is on your desktop background?
Gray Background
Blue Background
Black Background
Black Background
Depending which Desktop I in front off..

18. What is the background on your cell phone?
Err its called steel, but looks like a plant pot with a plant in it. Don’t ask, it came with the phone.

19. Do you like redheads?
If they are cute, nice, and don’t shout insults at me from the window of a Taxi..

20. Do you know any twins?
Yes, they were born on Feb 29th, and very weird!!

21. Do you have any weird relatives?
I am the weird relative!!!!

22. What was the last movie you watched?
Superman Returns

23. What was the last book you read?
Finished would be “The Traveler” (Real book) and Gibsons Neuromancer (eBook) but there are currently half a dozen in the progress of being read by me.. I just don’t get the time as much as I would like.