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Widows Sons.

The members of the Old Ruthinian Lodge contacted me saying they had nothing on for their November meeting, and they wondered if I would attend to give a short talk on the Widows Sons.

I had never given a talk before, but since they are a small friendly Lodge I agreed.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the talk, and had many questions at the end, which proved they had been paying attention.

They even gave a donation of £50 to a charity of my choice, I selected Blood Bikes Wales.

Widows Sons

The Widows Sons are quite simply a motorcycle-riding club. We are a non-brand specific riding Association so no matter what brand of motorcycle you ride, so long as you are a Master Mason in good standing you are welcome as a member.

We also have associate membership open to non-riding Masons. We are an internationally based group of independent Masons who have joined together to simply share the thrill of riding with other members of our fraternity.

We are not a 1% club. We are just a social riding club, which happens to have set one of its membership requirements to include being a Master Mason in good standing.